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Vincom Thanh Hóa Real estate is the most valuable commercial real estate.


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Reality shows that investors in her Vingroup pioneering mission and motto of the project is to create a diverse product line of high-end real estate companies left side of the beautiful life plan. A new segment shophouses - Townhouses Vincom trade in economically developed provinces, a large population and a positive reception successfully implemented. This part of the new city will be shaped so that the model has changed the face of the big cities. Typically there may be mentioned Vincom shophouses Lê Thánh Tông success - Haiphong, Ha Tinh shophouses Vincom, Vincom shophouses Ly Bon - Pacific, Vincom shophouses life
Vincom Shophouse Thanh Hóa The project is a continuation of a successful chain Vingroup, Thanh Hoa is expected to become the most developed center, but also the cradle of "settled happiness, wealth investment" dynamic investors.
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Vincom Shophouse Thanh Hóa Shophouses or townhouse is a commercial real estate model is popular in Europe and America a long time ago from the city, then appeared in Asia and has been to "respect" the largest city in Southeast Asia.
The actual situation in Vietnam, launched as a townhouse traditional urban planning, infrastructure, the advantages of more rational commercial value and function space, "upgrade" commercial shophouses. In addition, the "double" - just business, just a convenient living "a step into the street," The advantage of this type of real estate. Thus, the economic model shophouses have high commercial value and still fit most ancient habits and Vietnamese SMEs.
To understand the characteristics and trends, Vingroup has introduced Vincom shophouses products, along with the development of urban areas in the country Vincom system. Located in the pattern of trade Vingroup townhouse, in 2015 and 2016, strategic development, many new shophouses Vincom will be present in almost all provinces and cities began shophouses Vincom Hai Phong. Of course, Vincom shophouses in the near future will be the choice does not appear dynamic and successful business are ignored 
Vincom Thanh Hóa Ideal for carry-on baggage, as well as the location, style and characteristics of feng shui. The project is currently widely used focal huge domestic real estate industry. Let's explore the advantages of the city of Thanh Hoa vincom feng shui, dubbed the "gem in the heart of green chemistry."
Thanh Hoa is located in the busiest roads a street location 4 JinChao rich DAT, Nguyen Du, Chen Fu, Li Huan. This is the region of Thanh Hoa is one of the key projects of the province's commercial and cultural center.
Thanh Hoa has Vincom can confirm that this is the golden city brings ideally positioned, is located at the junction connecting the rich tide position DAT, Nguyen Du, Chen Fu, Li Huan road with benefits, quickly and easily.
        In recent years, with the rapid development of the country, but also to express themselves gradually to the Thanh Hoa Provincial Park on socio-economic development of central provinces, mountains and parks of North Central strategic position.
       Thanh Hoa is the nerve center of the province with the second largest area of ​​four major economic areas of the country: the northern gateway of the town is a large land plants of BIM, key water industry cluster is becoming a new economic center, rising expectations of provincial cities. Yi Shan South and string water port, Nghi Son industrial clusters emerged. Sam Son Beach to the east, tourist destination, attracting some strong investment and alternative meat changes every day. The western area is a cluster of agricultural processing plants and industrial plants throughout the country to provide raw materials and finished products market.
        Vincom shophouses Thanh Hoa centrally located in prime locations, with four street facade located 44 busiest trade. This is an important advantage and advantages do not get the final project.

Vincom Shophouse Thanh Hóa Ideally located in the Golden City
- Address: Dien Bien Phu Ward, Thanh Hoa City Development Type:
+ Vincom Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province
+ Hotel floors or floor 35 25 People's Committee of Thanh Hoa Province, the proposed high
+ Commercial Street internal information shophouses:
- Quantity: 152 units
- Size: 78m2-200m2 / city cannha
- Number of floors: 4 floors (one floor to do business, stay in the upstairs)
- Design: Neoclassical building
- Standard switching: Switch rough, finishing outside
- Ownership: Red Book long
- Vincom Thanh Hoa shophouses built by famous investor in Vietnam
As expected, in the Dien Bien Phu Ward, Thanh Hoa City, the administrative center, Vingroup will establish the standard model of the old city of Thanh Hoa Vincom a business center, 36-story luxury hotel in a 5.500 square meters of land and commercial buildings 44.740 sq. m 3 storey villa. Vingroup committed to the implementation and completion of the project focused on October 2 February 3, 2016.
Vincom stores products taken two brands in Vietnam leading edge existing strengths of commercial real estate and residential real estate.
• 5-star quality hotel, high-grade office space and conference rooms, a spacious hall Vingroup brand, will fulfill the need to save notes, work, reception areas and organize an international event. Create integration and development of Thanh Hoa province to create favorable conditions.
Vincom Thanh Hóa Real estate is the most valuable commercial real estate. Real estate values will increase over the years, the economic value because of its location and the owners brought. Vincom shophouses bring significant rental values in Thanh Hoa, store room (townhouse trade):
Fast food such as KFC, barbecue chain famous brand, Hue dishes ...... seems to open stores here from the crowded commercial center, surrounded by pavement welcome customers.
Ltd. The foreign company in any of Thanh Hoa, because this is the most convenient and luxurious guest transactions, showing the level of the employer will be provided in the office here.
Foreign companies will hire employees City (arcade) mitigation. For the convenience of the business center, the hotel ...... they are willing to accept higher rents, enjoy good service and good usability. Clean foreign tenants who pay rent on time. Leased four factories in the industrial zone 20~50 years, are optimistic about the owners of shophouses tourists, long-term sources.
Vincom Thanh Hóa By mode to "upgrade" the traditional business of urban planning, infrastructure, rational functions and best commercial value space advantage.
- Key class real estate project located adjacent to Vincom samuat of.
- Modern space, flexible layout and settlements for business functions, private, convenient Business Day.
- Benefit from the infrastructure and modernization plans, national unity Vincom City, Thanh Hoa has outstanding customer competition can not be ignored:
- Great rate, high mobility.
- His strict security.
- Ownership Redbook each apartment.
- Space landscape beautifully designed and modern.
- The number of customers has been to ensure and maintain stability.
- Investor share and brand support.
Coordinate real estate project level key positions, adjacent to downtown Vincom.
- Modern space, flexible layout and settlements for business functions, private, convenient Business Day.
- Benefit from the infrastructure and modernization plans, Thanh Hoa shophouses synchronization is to "upgrade" the best value in the business planning, infrastructure, space and affordable functional advantages of traditional trade company model.
Thanh Hoa shophouses investment opportunities, "gold" can not miss:
- Designed for commercial deployment of change: self-employed, rent, just living in the commercial sites.
- Sustainable profitability by making business facade
- Modern common infrastructure benefits.
- "Myopia": Available at the mall downtown traffic.
- "Location advantage": Pick Start in the "new center" of the busiest city.
- There is limit on the number (152 units).
Vietnamese SMEs and economic model is consistent.
Ensure sustainable development through a stable income and increase the value of future time.
 Thanh Hoa province, two natural conditions only after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City's economic engine, the second and third most populous country in large areas of provinces. Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Hoa to the rapid development of the business sector offers great potential. National aviation the same general trends and needs, to actively leverage the new towns of the province of commercial insurance, project in Thanh Hoa, Vingroup confidence in the successful implementation of Vincom shophouses of Thanh Hoa. Gold has a place in the middle of the city, surrounded by four streets: Tran Phu (Highway 1A), Nguyen Du, tidal rich DAT and defense business Li Huan Thanh Hoa busy, Vincom shophouses clear chemical complex is one of the high-rise buildings: 5 star hotel , high-grade office building, fully equipped business centers: cinemas, restaurants and shophouses - a business city products, quality service. Thanh Hoa Vinhomes full integration factors, the project has become a focal point of the real estate market is a project of Thanh Hoa and wealth brought by apartment owners.
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